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Getting Through The DUI Maze

Expert Orange County DUI Lawyers

With an arrest for driving under the influence, you have already suffered the embarrassment and stress of going to jail. If you live in Orange County, you need expert Orange County DUI lawyers who are experienced in dealing with the courts in the subject of driving under the influence. Don't take a chance on appearing in front of the DMV for your hearing alone. Your driving privileges are at stake during the DMV hearing. Make sure you have a reputable Orange County DUI attorney at your side that has dealt with the DMV before and knows exactly what to do to help limit or avoid a license suspension.

DUIs seem simple on the surface, but they are actually governed by a very complex system of laws and politics. Many people do not realize how easy it is to drink and exceed the acceptable and legal blood-alcohol level. It takes as little as three glasses of wine for the average person to be considered legally impaired. Many DUIs may be "honest mistakes" in behavior on the part of the driver. Whatever the case, a good Orange County DUI lawyer will not judge you, but rather will concentrate on defending you in court. These lawyers will make sure that the courts and police respect your rights. They will also check to assure that the police made no errors when testing your breath, blood or urine. Incorrect test results may be grounds for dismissing your case, meaning you may avoid a court conviction on your record.

Expert Orange County DUI lawyers are the best possible defense in any trial. The DUI lawyers at Gold & Witham have decades of combined experience. They know all the details about local laws in Southern California, will make sure you do not fall into any legal "traps". To learn more about what they can do for you, go visit Gold & Witham will give you the help you need to continue your life.