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Los Angeles DUI Attorneys When You Have Just Been Arrested for A DUI

Los Angeles DUI attorneys are there for you when you need them. If you are like many people, you enjoy having a beer with friends or some wine with dinner. Sometimes it is hard for you to realize that, even though you feel fine, your blood alcohol content is higher than the legal limit. All of a sudden, the cops pull you over and you may need the help of Los Angeles DUI Attorneys.

DUI means Driving Under the Influence. The influence could be drug or alcohol-related, and the consequences could be severe if you do not know your way around the California legal system. Los Angeles DUI attorneys specialize in DUI cases and help you through your case. If the police pull you over, they should give you a field sobriety test before they do anything else. According to some experienced Los Angeles DUI attorneys, this can be as simple as the old "walk a straight line," or performing a preliminary alcohol screening, or breathalyzer. Those same experienced Los Angeles DUI attorneys say that the readings from that alcohol screening or breathalyzer can be a very important part of your arrest and subsequent DUI case.

If you do find yourself facing a DUI case, contacting the right Los Angeles DUI attorneys right away can affect the severity of your outcome in court. Los Angeles DUI attorneys Jeffrey Lewis Gold and Nigel Roy Witham each have over twenty years of law practice. These Los Angeles DUI attorneys also are both members of the National College of DUI Defense. For more information on what these Los Angeles DUI attorneys can do for you and your case, visit