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Orange County DUI Lawyers are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Orange County drunk driving lawyers want to help protect your legal rights and defend you when you have been arrested for a DUI. If you go to trial after an arrest for DUI, then without a doubt you want Orange County DUI lawyers that specialize in California DUI law to represent you.

At your trial, the arresting police officers will probably testify regarding your behavior and the reasons why they pulled you over. If they testify that once pulled over, you were fumbling with your wallet, or stumbled getting out of your car, your Orange County DUI lawyers can argue that it may not have been alcohol that made you appear that way. After all, most people get nervous when stopped by the police. Couldn't nerves have made you fumble or stumble?

Your Orange County DUI lawyers will cross examine any witnesses and experts that the prosecution puts on the stand. There are methods of field sobriety testing that can be deemed unreliable and their results can be called into question. One such method is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. According to many Orange County DUI lawyers, this test that involves you following the officer's pen or finger with your eyes while not moving your head, is an unreliable indicator of sobriety. In reality, say Orange County DUI lawyers, many officers administering this test are not properly trained.

Expert Orange County DUI lawyers need to have experience to handle your defense. Attorneys Gold and Witham are Orange County DUI lawyers that have put their expertise and experience to good use exclusively in the field of DUI defense. Visit for more DUI information and to get in touch with these Orange County DUI lawyers.